Welcome to the SiDHOSTiNG Privacy Policy

SiDHOSTiNG respects and protects the privacy of visitors to our website and those of our customers.

Our website is designed to ensure that you can visit without your data in any way.

For customers, and all information we collect about you (your account details) will only be used for communication between you and SiDHOSTiNG as account holder. This information is necessary for our sales and support staff to identify you when you call or mail for sales and / or support.

Visitors to our Website

What information is collected?

If you visit our website, your IP address, domain, pages visited and time of your visit recorded.

Sometimes we use "cookies". These are small text files containing information about the time and visited pages are stored. Cookies make it possible to publish information regarding your previous pages visited.

How do we use this information?

The basic information that is collected is used to optimize the website. The number of visitors will understand the amount of hardware needed to quickly provide information to the pages and provide insight about the value of the information. Cookies enable a visitor, for example, frequently browse pages dedicated servers, an offer to do for him or her is applicable.

SiDHOSTiNG customers

What information is collected?

When you take account of SiDHOSTiNG, leave personal information behind. This information is used by us as contact information for our support and sales department.

How do we use this information?

SiDHOSTiNG, no data, personal names or domain names, release, or for purposes other than communicating with customers SiDHOSTiNG. An exception is made when we suspect that would violate any laws, discriminatory remarks, or other non traded under the regulations as drawn up by SiDHOSTiNG..

Customers can use the opt-out scheme to any newsletters and / or receive product information. Send an email info@sidhosting.net listed your domain name and contact information.

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